Some of the measures we are taking for Covid-19

  • Daily temperature taking.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfectant.
  • UVC treatment of foyer area at the end of the day if there is any appointment for the day.
  • We will also stagger appointment times, drop off and pick up times.
  • Dogs will be given a shower upon arrival.

As per our standards always since day 1 of running our pet hotel-

This is not something new but in effect since we started our pet hotel.

  • We do not allow walk in. Viewings and assessments are by appointment only.
  • We also do not allow customers to go beyond the foyer, thus viewing of our entire place is by the live CCTV.

Some customers do not understand why we have this implementation and sometimes question our practise-

And we will take this chance to explain why we do so- 

Our pet hotel consist of free roaming dogs, and we do not want walk-in customers to touch the dogs under our care or cause any stress by walking around their spaces.


There are some diseases such as ringworm that can be transmitted from humans to dogs.  And one can be a asymptomatic carrier without knowing it yourself.

And most dog upon seeing unfamiliar faces will get either very excited or protective. Some dogs can also get very barky which can cause stress to other dogs around.

This is why we design our place in such a way so that you can have an overview of the entire place but not cause much stress to the dogs at ours.

Most customers understand after we explain and we thank them for their understanding and support!

Dogs under our care are our responsibility.

We choose not to take chances.