Operating hours

Check-in time is between: 1000am – 0630  pm.
Check-out time is before 01:00pm.

Early check-in and/or late check-out is subjected to availability.


Is there any dogs that you do not accept?

We are unable to take in dog(s)

with flea or ticks;
which lack proper vaccinations;
with aggression toward humans;
which are below 06 months of age;
with any contagious medical condition(s);
that do not allow us to wipe their paws or private areas.


Is there someone around at night?

Yes, we have at least 01 staff on duty at night.


Will I have live cam access?

Live cam access for owner(s) viewing is limited to the individual rooms.


Will I receive photo and video updates?

Photo and video updates will be sent periodically between 10am to 5pm.


Is food provided?

Food is not provided.
Owners are only to bring food & treats that you dog has had before. This is to prevent any allergies and diarrhoea.


Do you walk the dog(s)?

Yes, we bring the dog(s) for 02 – 03 short walk(s) a day to relive themselves outdoors.


Can I view your facility?

Yes, please feel free to drop by with an appointment.


Is your pet boarding hotel and pet daycare facility safe?

Yes, our place has a double door and ur front door is also always locked. 
Other then the staff of Nord Pets, no one else will come into physical contact with your dog(s).


Is your pet boarding hotel and pet daycare facility air conditioned?

Our place is air conditioned and temperature is set at 24 degree celcius.


Do you require dog(s) to come for a trial prior to stay?

We may require owner(s) to bring in their dog(s) to our place for a 2 or 4 hours daycare session prior to stay.

This daycare session allows us to assess your dog’s suitability and also helps familiarise both fur kid and us so that he/ she would settle in easier on the actual stay. (Subject to availability if you would like to arrange on same day as meet & greet.)


What is the ratio of pet nanny to dogs?

To maintain a level of attention and care for the dogs that are with us. We will have 1 pet nanny for every 4 – 6 dogs.

The ratio depends on the dogs’ needs. This is also why we require owner(s) to bring their dog(s) for the compulsory daycare session so we can better assess and also plan for manpower resources.


Are you a licensed pet boarding hotel and pet daycare facility?

We are an URA approved pet boarding hotel and pet daycare facility.

Although there is no licensing required from AVA for pet boarding hotel and pet daycare facility operating outside of pet farms, we adhere closely to AVA’s best practices in guidelines for boarding conditions.


What if my dog(s) is not friendly with other dog(s)?

We have individual rooms which dog(s) can have their reserved space. In such cases, dog(s) would have their own individual play time with the pet nanny or be in a gated play area.


Are you able to take in dog(s) which require medication?

Yes, we are able to

feed oral medication;
apply topical medication;
administer eye/ ear drops.


Other stuff

Pet boarding hotel rates-

Rates quoted is per night with a 1 hour grace period day of pick up.

-For example, if you check-in your dog at 12:00pm, latest check-out would be 01:00pm.

Minimum stay-

We have a minimum stay of 02 nights.


As Nord Pets consist of a free roam environment and for the consideration of other dogs around-

Dog(s) have to be an on anti-flea and tick preventative.

Dog(s) have to be on a manner belt/ pet diaper should he/ she be unneutered / not potty trained / humps/ marks.

The team at Nord Pets will check on dog(s) on manner belt/ pet diaper every hour to maintain a high level of hygiene and to ensure that dog guest(s) do not have any allergy or discomfort.

For the cleanliness and hygiene of Nord Pets-

Dog(s) will be wipe with a towel after each outdoor walk.

Dog(s) have to be clean and reasonably groom upon check in or drop off.

Dog will be given a shower should he/ she soil themselves at any time during their stay.